No.: H.K/UA/09/023
Date: 9th July 2023
                                                                                             URGENT APPEAL
On 25th June 2023 Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) soldiers arrested Mr. Mohammed Abduelkarim Ibrahim in Abu-Jibaiha while he was returning from Tembaira village. They accused him of belonging to (SPLM/A-N). Mr. Mohamed is still held incommunicado at Abu-Jibaiha military base that raised a fear of could be under torture.
On 25th June 2023, Mr. Mohammed Abduelkarim Ibrahim was arrested by four (4) SAF soldiers at Jabal-Elomda check point. At the time of his arrest, Mr. Mohammad was on a commercial vehicle coming from Tembaira village after had attended its weekly market. The soldiers took him on their vehicle to Abu-Jibaiha military base. They accused him of belonging to Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-North (SPLM/A-N). His family members were not allowed to access (visit) him at the military base. There is fear that he could be under torture.

HUDO Centre is concerned about the safety of the civilians in Sudan during this difficult time of fighting (conflict) between SAF and RSFand calls for the following;
· The Sudan Armed Forces in Abu- Jibaiha to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Mohammed Abduelkarim Ibrahim or refer him to the court of law if there is a genuine case against him.
· The commander of SAF in the state of South Kordufan to investigate the circumstances of the arrest of Mr. / Mohammed Abduelkarim in Abu Jibaiha and make the report public.
· Sudan Armed Forces to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily

Additional information:

Mr. Mohammed AbdelKarim Ibrahim (53 years old)is a trader and a resident of Abu-Jibaiha.
Abu-Jibaiha is the capital of Abu-Jibaiha locality in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. Jebel Elomda is a checkpoint located at the southwest entrance of Abu-Jibaiha town. Tembaira village is located in Heiban locality of South Kordufan State however, it’s within the SPLA-N controlledarea. Tembaira village has a weekly market usually attended by AbuJibaiha traders and other members of the public.
As the military confrontation between SAF and RSF continues in Khartoum and other states, South Kordofan State has not been so much affected. But SAF soldiers continue to mistreat civilians, for instance;
· On 10th May 2023 Ahmed AbdelKarim younger brother to Mr. Mohammed AbdelKarim (mentioned above) and Mr. Abdo Osman were arrested by SAF in Abu-Jibaiha for the same reason of associating with SPLM/A-N. They were
held/detained for one week.
· On 19th April 2023, Mr. Mahana Hanai was brutally arrested by SAF in Talodi, he was held incommunicado up to 25th April 2023 when he was released.
· On 4th May 2023 Mr. Ahmed Fadul Fadelalla was arrested by Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) in Aleri Ghareb, he was held incommunicado up to 10th May 2023 when he was released.
· On 22ndMay 2023, SAF soldiers brutally arrested Mr. Nagi Ahmed from a petrol station in Talodi . Mr. Nagi was released on 25thMay 2023 after torturing him during the three (3) days detention.
· On 24th June 2023, Mr. Mowafag Kamal-aldin Mohammed Ali Subahi was brutally arrested by eight (8) SAF soldiers in Talodi and he is still held incommunicado.

The violated rights: personal freedom
· Article 46 of the Constitutional Document 2019
· Article 6 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights
· Article 9 of the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights.
· Article 9 of universal declaration of human rights