No.: H.K/UA/10/023
Date: 26th July 2023

                                                                                           URGENT APPEAL

On 12th July 2023, Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) arrested Mr. Samo Alsheikh Natto from his
home in Abu-Jubaiha without giving a reason. Since then, Mr. Natto has been held
incommunicado in Abu-Jubaiha military base which raised fear that he could be undergoing torture.
On 12th July 2023, for unknown reason Mr. Samo Alsheikh Natto was arrested by four Sudan Armed Force (SAF) soldiers. They drove him on a military vehicle to the Abu-Jibaiha military base. Since then Mr. Natto has been held incommunicado and any attempts by his family or lawyers to visit him were denied by SAF. This raised fears that he could be undergoing torture. HUDO Centre managed to talk to one of the activists in Abu-Jibaiha and he said that; SAF does not allow any body to visit detainees at the military base in Abu-Jibaiha. SAF also threatens to arrest individuals who constantly come again and again asking for detainees or requesting to visit.

HUDO Centre expresses its concern for the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult time of SAF and RSF fights (conflict) and calls for the following:
· Sudan Armed Forces to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily.
· The Sudan Armed Force in Abu-Jibaiha to immediately release Mr. Samo Alsheikh Natto unconditionally or refer him to the court of law if there is a genuine case against him.
· The SAF commander in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to investigate the circumstances of Mr. Natto’s arrest.

Additional information:
Mr. Samo Alsheikh Natto (35 years old) lives in Abu-Jibaiha town at Al Madaris East neighborhood and he is selfemployed. Abu Jibaiha town is the capital of Abu Jibaiha locality in South Kordufan State / Nuba Mountains.
As the military confrontation between SAF and RSF continues in Khartoum and other states, SAF carried out arbitrary arrest operations in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains targeting youth particularly in the eastern region. For instance in Abu-Jibaiha;

§ On 10thMay 2023 Sudan Armed Forces in Abu Jibaiha arrested Mr. Ahmed Abdul Karim Ibrahim and Mr. Abdo Osman Komi accusing them of associating with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement – North. They were detained for a week.
§ On 25thJune 2023, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Karim Ibrahim, the older brother of Ahmed (mentioned above) was arrested. The accusation was that they suspected him to be a member of Sudan People Liberation Movement –North. He was released but forced to write a pledge form promising to report daily to the military base. However, he was arrested again on 19th July 2023 because he demanded the return of his money which was earlier confiscated from him when he was arrested on 25 June 2023. Currently, he is still held incommunicado.
The violated rights: personal freedom
· Article 46 of the Constitutional Document 2019.
· Article 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
· Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
· Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.