No.: H.K/PS/28/023                                                                                                  Date:21st August 2023


                                       ARMED RSF SOLDIERS ROBBED TRAVELERS NEAR HABILA – SUDAN,

On 6th August 2023, a group of armed and masked Rapid Support Force (RSF) soldiers robbed travelers at gunpoint along the way between Habila and Kortala. This case was reported to Kortala police but no action was taken by police. 

On 6th August 2023, about sixty (60) travelers were in a convoy consisting of (4) tractors with trailers travelling from Habila to Kortala towns. At a point near Al-Tetal village, they were obstructed by more than twenty (20) masked gunmen dressed in Rapid Support Force (RSF) uniform. The assailants forced passengers to disembark, robbed them of their money and goods onboard under gunpoint. Thereafter, they allowed the travelers to continue with their journey. When the travelers / passengers arrived at
Kortala, they all reported the case to the police office at Kortala.  But, the police didn’t respond or move to the incident scene.  

Habila is the capital of Habila locality in South Kordofan State/ Nuba Mountains. Kortala is small town located about 35 km northeast of Habila town. The two towns are located in an agricultural scheme. AlTetal is a village along the road between the two   towns. The agricultural tractors with trailers are used in most of the Nuba Mountains areas for transport during the rainy season because of the rough roads (no tarmac roads).  

HUDO Centre is concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians during this conflict between SAF and RSF and calls upon;

§ The head of police in South Kordufan State / Nuba mountains to investigate this case among others 

§ The senior prosecutor in South Kordufan State / Nuba mountains to ensure that there is rule of law.

§ Police in South Kordufan State to carry out their duties responsibly.   

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