No.: H.K/PS/26/023
Date: 20th August 2023

                                                                                          PRESS STATEMENT
On 10th August 2023, Sudan Armed Forces in Kadogli arrested Mr. Mohammed Kurtokela and Mrs. Noha Abdel-Fattah Tiya from their homes. SAF accused the two for spreading harmful propaganda and terror among civilians. They were released on different dates after interrogation, intimidation and torture.
On 10th August 2023 at 6:30 am (Sudan local time), seven (7) soldiers from Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) came on a vehicle and arrested Mr. Mohammed Kurtukaila Tiya and Ms. Noha Abdel-Fattah Tiya from their homes in Al-Radeef neighborhood of Kadogli town. The two were taken and detained at Kadogli military base (Brigade 55) where they were interrogated from. SAF accused them of spreading harmful infromation and terror among civilians. They were accused of saying that “Sudan Peoples Liberation
Army – North (SPLA-N) will attack Kadogli”.

On the same day at evening hours (05:00 pm), Mrs. Noha Abdel-Fattah Tiya was released after forcing her to sign a pledge form promising that she has stopped spreading verbal threats (harmful information).
On 11 th August 2023 (following day), Mr. Mohammed Kurtukila was also released after being tortured in form of beatings because he is a Force of Freedom and Change (FFC) member.
Mr. Mohammed Kurtukila Tiya (42 years) is an employee of Kadogli Locality Authority. Mrs. Noha Abdel-Fattah Tiya (37 years) is a primary school teacher. Both of them live in Al-Radeef neighborhood (their houses are neighboring each other), political activists and both are from Miri tribe (Nuba). Kadogli is the capital of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains.

HUDO Centre expresses its concern for the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of SAF and RSF fights (conflict) and calls for the following:
· Sudan Armed Forces to stop arresting civilians.
· The SAF commander in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to investigate the circumstances of Mr. Mohammed Kurtukila and Mrs. Noha Abdel-Fattah’s arrest.

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