No.: H.K/PS/25/023
Date: 18th August 2023

                                    UPDATE (2) ON SAF ARRESTED MR. MOWAFAG SUBAHI IN TALODI, SUDAN
Since 24th June 2023, Mr. Mwafag Subahi has been held incommunicado by SAF in Talodi. SAF had earlier arrested him in a brutal manner. Without informing his family, SAF in Talodi transferred him to Abu-Jibaiha military base and he has been seen in a very bad condition.
On 24thJune 2023, Mr. Mowafag Kamal-aldin Muhammad Ali Subahi was brutally (beaten) arrested by eight (8) SAF soldiers. During that brutal arrest, SAF soldiers kept on asking him (Mr. Mowafag) about where he was for the last four (4) days? Since then, family members, friends and lawyers attempted to visit him but they were denied access by the SAF soldiers.
HUDO Centre got reliable information that Mr. Mwafag is currently detained at Abu-Jibaiha military base suffering from diabetes, with poor health and torture marks that he had earlier experienced in Talodi military detention.
Talodi is the capital of Talodi locality and Abu-Jibaiha is the capital of Abu-Jibaiha locality in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. The distant between the two towns is about one hundred kilometres.

HUDO Centre is concerned about the safety of the civilians in Sudan during this difficult time of SAF and RSF fight (conflict) and calls for the following;
· The Sudan Armed Force in Talodi/ Abu-Jibaiha to immediately release Mr. Mowafag
unconditionally and to allow him receive the urgent needed medical treatment.
· The SAF commander in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to investigate the circumstances of Mr. Muwafag’s arrest, torture and open the report to the public.
· Sudan Armed Force to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily.

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