No.: H.K/UA/13/023                                                                    Date: 20th September 2023



On 3rd September 2023, Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) arrested Mr. Ali Alsaid Ali in Roseries and sentenced him for three months imprisonment referring to the Blue Nile State governor’s emergency order. He is detained because of the Facebook post that he shared with different groups.  

On 3rd September 2023, Sudan Armed Force (SAF) in Roseries summoned Mr. Ali Alsaid Ali by phone call to report at the military base of Roseries. When he arrived there, he was interrogated about a post that he had shared on different Facebook accounts. Mr. Ali was subsequently detained incommunicado for a period of four days at the military base and he was tortured. On 7th September 2023, he was transferred to Roseries prison where he will be imprisoned for three (3) months. This is based on the Blue Nile State governor’s emergency order (whereby the prisoner will not appear before any court of law for a period of three months).       

The Facebook post was initially written by unidentified person criticizing the Blue Nile state governor for visiting Roseries town without passing by the IDPs area or interact with them to address their needs. Mr. Ali was accused of sharing this post. That the post considered by SAF incites and provokes hatred. 

HUDO Centre expresses its concern for the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult time of SAF and RSF fights (conflict) and calls for the following: 

       Blue Nile State governor to revoke and stop using the emergency order in violating the civilians’ rights. 

       Sudan Armed Forces to stop arresting civilians arbitrarily.

       The Sudan Armed Force in Roseries to immediately release Mr. Ali Alsaid Ali unconditionally or refer him to the court of law if there is a genuine case against him.

       The SAF in Blue Nile State to investigate the circumstances of Mr.  Ali Alsaid Ali arrest.

Additional information:

Mr. Ali Alsaid Ali (30 years) studied law, self-employed, he is an internally displaced person (IDP) and lives in Roseries town. Roseries is the second town in Blue Nile State neighbouring its capital city Damazin. 

According to the activists in Blue Nile: ‘’Since last year 2022 a series of emergency orders were issued by the Blue Nile State governor in response to the tribal conflict in Blue Nile State, the last one (extension) was issued on 21st April 2023 to meet the complications of the ongoing conflict between Sudan Armed Force (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF). However, these emergency laws were used widely by the authority against the activists to detain, torture and imprison them for three months (according to the emergency law without appearing before court). The imprison sentence to be issued by the security committee and signed by the state governor”.   

For instance; Mr. Ali Hajo (39 years old) the secretary of the Civil Society Initiative in Blue Nile was arrested on 26th January 2023, sentenced to imprisonment and transferred to Roseries prison by 27th January 2023 where he had spent the sentence and released on 25th April 2023. This was because he had issued an article on his Facebook account criticizing a security commandant.

The violated rights: personal freedom, freedom of expression and fair trial
Articles 46, 52 & 57 of the Constitutional Document 2019.
Articles 6 & 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.
Articles 9, 14 & 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.
Articles 9, 10 & 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.