No.: H.K/UA/14/023                                                                                                                                 Date: 9th November 2023

                                                                             URGENT APPEAL

                                                             SAF ARRESTED MR. NEYAZI ADAM IN ROSERIES, SUDAN

    On 30th October 2023, for unknown reason, Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Roseries arrested Mr. Neyazi Adam Khaleil. Since then he was held incommunicado at Roseries military base which raised fears that he could be undergoing torture.

  On 30th October 2023, Mr. Neyazi Adam received a phone call informing him that it was from Sudan Armed Force (SAF) and asking him to report to Roseries military garrison/ MI office. Immediately after (at midday) he complied with the order and went there. He didn’t come back home again.

  The following day (31st October 2023), a community leader and relative to Neyazi inquired about him at the military garrison and he was informed by SAF officer that Mr. Neyazi is under interrogation. Since then, Mr. Neyazi has been held incommunicado which raised the fears that he could be undergoing torture.

  HUDO Centre is concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of fighting between SAF and RSF and calls for the following:

   The Sudan Armed Force in Roseries to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Neyazi Adam Khaleil or refer him to the court of law if there is a genuine case against him.

  The commander of SAF in Blue Nile state to investigate the circumstances that led to the arrest of Mr. Neyazi Adam and make the results public.

  The Sudanese Armed Forces to stop the arrest of civilians.

   Additional information:

     Mr. Neyazi Adam Khaleil (20 years) is a student and musician. He is a friend to Abu-Shotal sons. Abu-Shotal is one of Blue Nile community leaders who joined RSF. Roseries is the second town in Blue Nile state and neighbouring Damazin town.

As the military confrontation between SAF and RSF continues in Khartoum and other states, SAF in Blue Nile state conducted many measures in Blue Nile particularly after Abu-Shotal’s joining of the RSF. Among these measures include; banning of the youth from travelling out of the state, restricting the civil society activities and conducting arbitrary arrests of activists and youth. For instance;

 On 19th August 2023, thirty-six (36) youth were arrested by SAF from public cultural event conducted by the communist party.

 On 30th August 2023, eight (8) women activists and journalist were arrested by general Intelligence Service (GIS) from a women protest march calling for ending the war.

  The violated rights: Personal freedom

 Article 46 of the Constitutional Document 2019.

 Article 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

 Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

 Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.