No.: H.K/PS/10/024                                                                                                                                                             Date: 13th May 2024

                                                                            PRESS STATEMENTS

                                                                                                 (For Immediate Release)


   On 5th April 2024, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) arrested fifteen (15) civilians from Al-kewaik of South Kordufan state accusing them of spying on behalf of SPLA-N. This was shortly after the SPLA-N’s attack on Al- Kewaik SAF barracks. The detainees were tortured which caused the death of five (5) people and others are still nursing injuries after their release on 11th April 2024.

   On 30th March 2024, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army-North (SPLA-N) attacked the Sudan Armed Force (SAF) military garrison of Al-kewaik. The SAF responded to the attack and pushed SPLA-N back.

  Between 2nd and 5th April 2024 after the SPLA-N attack, SAF in Al-Kewaik conducted an operation of arresting people especially the youths. By 5th March 2024, SAF had arrested fifteen (15) civilians/ residents of Al-Kewaik including one female. All of the arrested people are from Kega temeru/ Nuba (tribe), between thirty and forty years of age except one, and most of them were farmers. They were accused by SAF that they were spying for SPLA-N. Their names are listed below:

1. Mr. Ramadan Abduelrahman Al-Bushari Kafi, government employee/ Locality information and media.

2. Mr. Omer Musa Haren Kafi, 52 years old, government employee/ Ministry of Finance.

3. Mr. Waheib Abdalla Ibrahim Tangulo, government employee/ Health Insurance

4. Mr. Hassabo Mohammed Kortukaila.

5. Mr. Ibrahim Edris Abujalha Kafi.

6. Mr. Shams Al-Haq Sharafeldin Jibril Kafi.

7. Mr. Hassan Awadalla Eltoum Kafi.

8. Mr. Shawgi Mukhtar Haren Kafi.

9. Mr. Hussein Sheikheldin Ajabna.

10. Mr. Atif Hassan Ando Shaga.

11. Mr. Al-Maleh Makin Al-Birair Tutu.

12. Mr. Hamid Mohammed Hamid Al-Tayeb.

13. Mr. Al-Sanussi Elzobair Musa Eleasir.

14. Mrs. Salwa Barnita Elamin.

15. Mr. Shaga Tiya.

  Immediately after the arrest campaign, the community leader/ Mayor of Al-Kewaik (Omda/ Ibrahim Ramadan) approached the SAF commandant in Al-Kewaik seeking to release the detainees but it was not possible. Instead, the detainees were transferred to Kadogli military headquarters where they were brutally tortured, intimidated and abused verbally with racist words.

  On 9th April 2024, the families and community of detainees got reliable information that four (4) of the detainees had died under torture. This was later confirmed by the Kadogli military high commandant. According to this military commander, the dead detainees were buried by SAF. There was no dead body that received by their families and no burial location that could be traced. The names of the four (4) dead victims are; Mr. Ramadan Abduelrahman, Mr. Omer Musa, Mr. Waheib Abdalla and Mr. Hassabo Mohammed.

After the news of detainees dying under detention, a group of activists and community leaders intensified their demand for releasing the other detainees and they succeeded.

On 11th April 2024, the remaining eleven (11) detainees were unconditionally released by SAF in Kadogli with clear marks of torture on their bodies.

  On 25th April 2024, Mr. Shaga Tiya died as a result of the torture injuries inflicted by SAF soldiers while in custody. Others are still in bad health condition like Mr. Ibrahim Edris who is up to date receiving treatment at his home due to torture wounds on his head. Mr. Shams Al-Haq and others are currently suffering from different traumas.

An activist from Kadogli spoke to the HUDO Centre saying that, The SAF in South Kordofan State/ Nuba Mountains arrests civilians and accusing them basing on ethnic grounds. They accuse Nuba ethnic groups of collaborating with the SPLA-N, while the collaboration with the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) is imposed on the Arab ethnic groups’’.

Al-Kewaik is the capital of Elraif Elsharqi locality of South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains. Its location is about 40 km North of Kadogli city along the highway that connects the city with Dilling and Obeid cities.

   HUDO Centre is very concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of the conflict/ fighting between SAF and RSF and calls for the following:

 The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to stop targeting civilians, arresting people arbitrarily, extra-judicial killing, torture and forced disappearance.

 SAF should conduct genuine investigations around the arrest and death of those detainees, the targeting of ethnic groups and make the findings public.

 The prosecutor’s office in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law and the perpetrators should be held to account.

 The civilians’ rights and dignity should be respected and preserved.


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