No.: H.K/UA/06/024                                                                                                                                                              Date: 6th May 2024

                                                                                URGENT APPEAL

    Since 4th April 2024, SAF in Abu-Kershola locality conducted a series of arrests, looting and extrajudicial killings targeting Hawazma tribe. This was inline with the ongoing conflict between SAF and RSF. There was also retribution act by SAF towards Hawazma youths which led to mass displacement of Hawazma people from Khor-Eldeleib and the situation is still tense.

On 4th April 2024 around 8:00 PM (Sudan local time), four (4) Sudan Armed Force (SAF) soldiers raided a youth club in Khor-Eldeleib and they instructed one of the youth (Mr. Mohammed Abdalla Kaba) to hand over to them his motorbike and knife but he did not comply. Immediately SAF soldiers shot and killed him. This provoked the youths (friends) who were also armed. The youths confronted the armed soldiers and as a result, there was an exchange of fire which caused deaths on both sides. Thereafter, SAF in Abu-Kershola locality and particularly Khor-Eldeleib reacted in a revenge manner. The same night, SAF soldiers from Khor-Eldeleib garrison shot and shelled indiscriminately at civilians and the neighbourhoods. This caused the death of Mr. Mohammed Fadul (104 years old) and his grandson Mr. Ishaq Musa Dafa-Alla (51 years old), other two people (Mr. Yunis Bura and Mr. Daoud Bura) were injured by direct shooting.

      On 9th April 2024, SAF soldiers from Abu-Jibaiha came and attacked (looted) Khor-Eldeleib market. They chased out Hawazma youth, burnt some of the houses and killed Mr. Elfateh Ismail Bagari (60 years old). This incident forced most of the Hawazma residents to flee from Khor-Eldelieb to Elfaid Um- Abdalla, Rashad and Umbrembeta towns. On 14th April 2024, the dead body of Mrs. Fatima Tabaq (44 years) was found with gunshot wounds near the SAF garrison of Khor-Eldeleib. On 16th April 2024, Ms. Ragaa Ali Norain was also found dead at her garden (500 meters from SAF garrison in Khor-Eldeleib).

   On 13th April 2024, SAF in Umbrembeta arrested four (4) civilians accusing them of belonging to the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Their names are; Mr. Adam Ahmed Elsayer (nickname; Adam Terbil, 56 years old), Mr. Madhi Elbelail (62 years old), Mr. Elnour Musa Abdel-Ghani (58 years old), and Mr. Kibir Bubo Elnour (41 years old, displaced from Khor-Eldeleib). They were detained incommunicado in the Umbrembeta military garrison. They were beaten and tortured while in custody and their families were not allowed to visit them. On 19th April, 2024, the four (4) victims were tied up, blindfolded and taken under the pretext of being deported to Abu Jibaiha town however, when reached Khor-Eldeleib. were executed. After killing them, SAF refused to hand over their dead bodies to their families, amidst displeasure from the onlooking civilians.

  On 17th April 2024, SAF soldiers on five (5) military vehicles intercepted a traveling commercial truck driven by a driver named Mr. Albadri Alnaw Maali Harran at a point between Umbrembeta and AbuKershola. SAF soldiers arrested four (4) passengers/ civilians (among them were two brothers). All were handcuffed, blindfolded and taken to Abu Kershola military garrison on charges of belonging to the Rapid Support Forces. On arrival, all the four (detainees/ passengers) were shot dead without interrogation. Their names are;

1. Mr. Ali Albadri Alnaw Maali Harran (25 years old), brother to No.2

2. Mr. Musa Albadri Alnaw Maali Harran (22 years old), brother to No. 1

3. Mr. Fadlallah Ahmed Fadlalla Mabu (31 years old)

4. Mr. Elfadil Maali Ahmed Fadlalla (27 years old)

All of them were vegetable cultivators and traders.

  On the same day (17th April 2024), SAF confiscated the commercial truck immediately on its arrival to Abu-Kershola town, its owned by Mr. Albadri Alnaw Maali Harran (51 years old, trader- the father of the two killed victims No. 1 & 2 named above) under accusations of SAF found two guns and military uniform onboard.

   HUDO Centre is very concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of the conflict/ fighting between SAF and RSF and calls for the following:

 The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains to stop targeting civilians and killing them extra-judicially. Instead, SAF should conduct genuine investigations and to make the findings public.

 The security committee in South Kordufan state to investigate the ethnic conduct by SAF.

 The security committee in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to ensure the civilians security and to work towards the return of the IDPs to their villages and towns safely.

 The prosecutor’s office in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law and the perpetrators should be held to account.

 The civilians’ rights and dignity should be preserved.

     Additional information:

The current war between Sudan Armed Force (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF) affected South Kordufan as well as other parts of Sudan. The most active tribe that has members affiliated to RSF in South Kordufan is Hawazma and mostly from Abu-Kershola locality. The major towns of Abu-Kershola locality are Abu-Kershola town, Umbrembeta, Elfaid Um-Abdalla and Khor-Eldeleib.

 Hawazma sub-tribes whom located in this locality are; Aseera, Toogeya (among them Dar Kaabir), Ayatga (Hamid’s Omoodya), Dar Faied, Dar Ali, Dar Hesaiba, Dar Jegir, Awlad Maksour among others. Two of the most active commanders within RSF (former SAF officers) whom from this Hawazma group are; Officer/ Elnour Hamid Murahid from Aseera and officer Mahadi Kabba is from Toogeya/ Dar Kaabir.

Currently, RSF occupies Um-Rawaba and Rahad in North Kordufan State (the two towns are neighbouring Abu-Kershola locality). They are also threatening Elobeid city (the capital city of North Kordufan State) and frequently attacking it. In this regard, SAF accuses the RSF members of Abu-Kershola locality to be responsible of these activities.

All of the people killed are from Hawazma tribe except those killed by the indiscriminate shelling (Mr. Mohammed Fadul and Mr. Ishaq Musa Dafa-Alla) were from Bargo tribe.

The ongoing acts of killing civilians by SAF affected the movement of people between the locality’s towns and raised the tension and anger among residents.

  The violated rights: Right to life and personal freedom

 Article 44 & 46 of the Constitutional Document 2019.

 Article 4 & 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

 Article 6 & 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

 Article 3 & 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.