No.: H.K/PS/03/024                                                                                                                                              Date: 30th January 2024
                                                                                                    PRESS STATEMENT
                                           SAF ARRESTED SALAH ZAKARIA IN DAMAZIN, SUDAN

    On 25th December 2023, the Sudan Armed Force (SAF) arrested Mr. Salah Zakaria accusing him of supporting RSF. The detainee was held incommunicado at Damazin military garrison under intimidation up to his conditional release on 10th January 2024.

  On 25th December 2023, two soldiers from Sudan Armed Force (SAF) came on motorbikes to Alzareeba market of Damazin town and arrested Mr. Salah Zakaria Addoma. The victim was driven by the two soldiers to Damazin military garrison where he was held for one week before being interrogated about his communication and relation with Rapid Support Force (RSF). He was also subjected to torture (beatings).

On 10th January 2024, Mr. Salah was released after his relative (SAF officer) signed a pledge form as the guarantor.

 Mr. Salah Zakaria Addoma (34 years old), is a self-employed engineer, member of Umma political party and resident of Damazin town. Damazin is the capital city of Blue Nile state.

  HUDO Centre is concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of fighting between SAF and RSF and calls for the following:

 The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) in Damazin to immediately and unconditionally release any other civilians that could be under their detention.

 The commander of SAF in Blue Nile State to investigate the circumstances that led to the arrest of those youth and make the findings public.

 The Sudanese Armed Forces to stop the arrest of civilians.

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