No.: H.K/UA/03/023                                                                                                                                              Date: 28th January 2024

                                                                                 URGENT APPEAL

        Since the war broke out between SAF and RSF in Sudan, SAF intensified its operations of arresting activists, politicians and the youth in Blue Nile state. The arrests increased particularly after RSF invaded Medani. The victims are accused of associating with RSF. SAF arrests and detains them in poor conditions.

Since the military coup of 25th October 2021, Sudan armed force in Blue Nile State has been conducting a series of arrests. The arrests increased after the war started between Sudan Armed Force (SAF) and Rapid Support Force (RSF) on 15th April 2023. Arrests dramatically increased after the invasion of Medani town by RSF on 15th December 2023.

During interrogating of the victims, SAF accuses them of either being affiliated or supporting RSF and in some cases they accuse them for communicating to their relatives or friends who joined RSF. The detainees are detained in big numbers in unventilated rooms with limited food and water. They also detain them without legal charges, the authority only rely on the emergency order. Currently, the number of the detained people is unknown. However, it’s estimated by credible sources (only in Damazin town) to be around fifty (50) persons. Some names that HUDO Centre managed to confirm are given below:

1. Mohammed Ahmed Rahama, manager of Abu-Naama Company

2. Elfadil Mohammed Elsadiq (resident of Ganees Sharq/ East.

3. Kaba, driver and resident of Elseraio

4. Mohammed Manzoul

5. Ayman, resident of Ganees Sharq/ East

6. Salim, resident of Elshorouq.

7. Abubaker, resident of Ganees Sharq/ East

8. Abaker, resident of Alazaza.

9. There are about ten detainees from the street vendors (mostly Darfurians)

    An activist from Damazin informed HUDO Centre that; “There is evidence of personal interests among SAF officers in arresting people and asking for a ransom to be paid by their relatives and in some cases on ethnic basis”.

    HUDO Centre is concerned about the safety of civilians in Sudan during this difficult period of Fighting between (SAF) and RSF and calls for the following:

 The Sudan Armed Force in Blue Nile State to immediately and unconditionally release the mentioned detainees and others potential ones or refer them to the courts of law if there is a genuine case against them.

 The security committee in Blue Nile State to investigate the circumstances that led to the arrest campaign, the allegation towards SAF officers and make the results public.

 The Sudan Armed Forces to stop the arrest of civilians.

     Additional information:

  Damazin, Ganees Sharq/ East, Elseraio, Elshorouq and Alazaza are towns and villages in Blue Nile State.

  Since the coup of 25th October 2023, many people were arrested and imprisoned for months without appearing before court, only under emergency state orders. Usually the number of detained people is unknown, till a pardon is issued then numbers are disclosed. This act was challenged by lawyers however the authority ignored the rule of law (impunity). For instance:

   On 5th February 2023, Lawyers in Solidarity submitted a letter to the attorney general criticizing the illegal detention of

fourteen (14) detainees held at Roseries and Sinja prisons under emergency order and without any legal ground.

     On 21st April 2023, the state governor issued state of emergency extension for one month. Up to date the arrest campaign/operation is going on under the emergency order yet the extension expired.

     On 25th April 2023, the state governor issued a Pardon ordering to release of twenty-seven (27) persons that were imprisoned under the emergency order.

   On 16 November 2023, the state governor issued a Pardon order to release forty-five (45) persons that were imprisoned

under the emergency order.

  The violated rights: Personal freedom

 Article 46 of the Constitutional Document 2019.

 Article 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

 Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

 Article 9 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.