No: HK/PS/07/024                                                                                                                                            Date: 13th March 2024

                                                                        PRESS STATEMENT

                                                                                            (For Immediate Release)

                                             FREQUENT ARMED ROBBERY AROUND GOLDMINES IN TALODI, SUDAN

     Unknown armed men looted civilians in three (3) separate incidents near the goldmines in Talodi. The looting happened on 17th & 20th January and on 23rd February 2024. The looting incidents were reported to police, but the police did not arrest the perpetrators.

On 17th January 2024, two (2) masked gunmen stopped and threatened Mr. Abdel-Aal Ahmed Omar at a place near Altegola goldmine. The two gunmen forcefully took (looted) his motorbike under gun point and disappeared. This case was reported against unknown persons at Altegola goldmine police, but the police did not move to arrest the perpetrators or investigate.

On 20th January 2024, Mr. Mohammed Ismail Abkar was threatened and his motorbike was looted under gunpoint by two (2) masked gunmen, this was near Altegola goldmine. The case was reported to Altegola police but the police did not arrest the perpetrators.

On 23rd February 2024 at midnight, four (4) unidentified armed men attacked Mr. Ahmed Issa Mohammed Saeed (45 years old) and Mr. Radwan Maati (31 years old) at their residence in Meraidan goldmine. They were asked by the gunmen to reveal where they keep their money. When the victims failed to reveal, the four (4) attackers beat them up with sticks before disappearing. The victims sustained some injuries. The victims identified the attackers by their Arabic dialect/ accent to be from the nomad Arabs. This case was reported to police at the Meraidan goldmine police office, but the police did not respond.

An activist from Talodi spoke to HUDO Centre, saying that: “Instances of threats and looting have been reported frequently during the past two months following the return of Arab nomads to the areas of Talodi however the police didn’t react”.

Talodi town is the capital city of Talodi locality in South Kordufan State, it has more than six (6). goldmines around the town including Altegola and Meraidan.

HUDO Centre is very concerned about the security situation and the safety of civilians in conflict areas and calls upon;

 Police in South Kordufan State/ Nuba Mountains to execute their duties responsibly and to immediately investigate these cases.

 The prosecutor in South Kordufan/ Nuba Mountains to ensure that there is rule of law.

 The security committee in South Kordufan state/ Nuba Mountains to ensure the safety of civilians.


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