Blue Nile Trails Update “1”

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Blue Nile Trails Update “1”

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On 20th and 21st May 2013, the appointed court session was held in Sinja town
presided over by the general criminal court judge (Abduelmoneim) to hear the case of the Blue Nile Incidents.
Day One; 20th May 2013
Case No. (4086/2011)
This court session was specifically conducted to hear the case of Musa Jahalla Ando
(the accused ). The investigator and complainant did not attend which prompted the
judge to adjourn the court session to 3rd June 2013 . The accuser/ prosecutor,
investigator and complainer will be informed about the mentioned date.

Day Two; 21st May 2013
On this day, three (3) court sessions (setting) were held under the same judge. The
details below indicate how it was conducted;
Case No. (4523/2011)
The accused are;
Elsir Aamir Elzaki
Abdalla Elzain Ragab
During this session, the judge heard from the investigator. The prosecutor and
complainant did not attend though they were informed. The judge adjourned the case to 3rd June 2013 specifically to hear the complainant's and their witnesses.

Case No. (1716/2011)
The accused;
Elsheikh Ali Elnour
During this session, the investigator was present, the case was heard and the judge
adjourned it to 5th June 2013 in order to hear from the complainant and their

Case No. (5276/2011)
The accused;
Gomaa Hamid Mansour
The session was specifically conducted for him alone but the judge discovered that
the accused was not brought to court, still held by prosecutor at Elrosearis prison, and what had been delivered to court is his file only. The judge immediately stopped the procedure on Jomaa's case.

Case No. (5028/2011)
The accused;
Elrasheed Eloumda
The judge adjourned the session to 5th June 2013, due to judicial police service didn't bring him from prison to the court.

Case No. (4176/2011)
The remaining seventy nine (79)
The judge didn't conduct any session for them or announce a date, and justified tha its due to the security status (he did not explain).

Important Notes: consider The following note need to be taken into account
• A group of Lawyers consist defense association headed by Mr. Eltegani
Hassan appear on behave of the all accused, they are presenting Sudanese
corporation for defending rights and freedom corporate with Nuba Mountain
bar association.
• Until the time we release this report, the court procedure has been progress in
a normal manner, "this is not special court" however, the judge have allowed
to the some lawyers to appear on the court.
The unusual case was the Gomaa Hamid Mansour incident, his ascendancy, it is and
reflect that, the Criminal Procedure Act is not respected or followed on this trials.
How it comes the accused file delivered and he was not. If his files with the judge in
Sinja, by which document he was kept in Elrosearis prison. (the different between the
two towns more than 100 km).
• Is Judge will issue arresting warrant against those insist on absence? So as to protect the accused rights.
• Small number of accused families have attended around the court, with strong lawyers attendance.


HUDO is appealing for all national and international NGOs, UN agencies, embassies activist, and concern individual, whom supporting human rights to follow the upcoming court sessions mentioned. In order to prevent more opuses of the Criminal Procedure Acts which existed. Your present will means a lot to the victims family psychologically, it will also support the legal process and indeed an eyewitnesses for any legal violations.

29th May 2013

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