Blue Nile Trials

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Blue Nile Trials

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On 6th June 2011 the war started in South Kordufan, which affected the political status between the two partners (SPLM/N and NCP). This cast a dark shadow on Blue Nile state (part of the CPA protocols). On 1st of September there was serious military fighting (conflict) in Blue Nile state.
As a result, the president of Sudan dismissed the state governor, replaced him with state military governor and he subsequently declared it a state of emergency under the Emergency Act. This gave the state security authority to exercise arbitral arrests and extrajudicial killing on a big number of civilians accusing them of being affiliated to SPLM/N. This harassment was also extended to the SPLA/N who were provided for (The CPA) in blue Nile state's towns as part of integrated force.

The Sudan government authorities insisted on keeping a hundred and thirteen (113) people under detention for more than a year without any legal procedure. They are jailed in different prisons within Blue Nile and Sinar states. In January 2013 during the independence celebration the government officials declared that these detainees were to be released soon. Later on, towards the end of January, twenty eight (28) detainees were set free. The eighty five (85) detainees who remained, criminal charges/cases were opened against them. In February, the authorities declared (without mentioning any date) that, the judicial trials will be conducted in Sinja town.

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