HUDO IDPs Annual Report 2015

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HUDO IDPs Annual Report 2015

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Human Rights Situation of the IDPs from SK, BN in Khartoum, Sudan

Human Rights Situation of the IDPs from SK, BN in Khartoum, Sudan

Period of January – December 2015

Released on 20th March 2016



Since the war broke out in SK and BN states, a great number of its inhabitants fled the states to other parts within Sudan (as IDPs) and others outside of Sudan (as refugees). The internally displaced persons (IDPs) settled in many towns within Sudan.  The majority moved to North Kordufan, White Nile, Aljazeera, Port Sudan and Khartoum states, depending on where they had relatives. The biggest number of IDPs settled in Khartoum where they distributed themselves in the three towns of Omdurman, Khartoum and Khartoum North mostly within the slums. In Khartoum they settled in Jebel Awleya, Suba and Azhari neighborhoods, in Omdurman at Althawra, Wad Elbashir and Ombada neighborhoods. In Khartoum North, they settled at Ezba, Haj Yousif and Om Doum neighborhoods as well as other neighboring towns.

This report documents some of the violations and abuses faced the IDPs. The violations and abuses include arbitrary arrests, torture, inhuman treatment and other violations on religious beliefs particularly targeting the Christians.

Arbitrary Arrests

An advocate was arrested in line of duty

On 1st July 2015, Mr. Muhanad Mustafa (Advocate) the legal representative on behalf of Khartoum North Anglican church was arrested by the police. The Police force arrived at (Estate 5D) to enforce a court demolish resolution/order.  Whereas the resolution was for Estate 5H, the police wrongly came to enforce the order to Estate 5D. Mustafa presented to the police a copy of the court resolution which indicate that, they were going to implement the order in a wrong Estate. Police arrested him under accusation of objecting official order, and they took him together with Pastor Hafiz Faseiha Mangestu to Khartoum North police station and filed a case against them under article 99 Sudanese criminal Act 1991. Mr. Mustafa and the Pastor were detained for 6 hours and later the court dismissed the case precisely.

Activist subjected to threats

On 6thSep 2015 national intelligence and security services (NISS) through a phone call ordered Ms.Kawthar Hussain Nakuri, a civil society activist to report at NISS political affair office in Khartoum North the following day at nine o’clock(9:00 AM). After her first reporting, NISS forced her to report to their office daily. During this period she was interrogated about her civil activities and how NISS suspected her to have links with SPLM-N. The interrogation took twelve (12) days and she was in each reporting day insulted and badly treated.

Arrest of Ayoub Kafi

Ayoub is a voluntary Christian theology teacher.  Ayoub Kafi Paulus, 34 years, father of six children he lives in the suburb of Kafuri square (12) of Khartoum North. He also works as house guard. He teaches Christianity to his children and his Christian neighbors because; they don’t have theology teachers or courses in most of the Sudanese Schools.

On 26th Nov. 2015, the police broke into his house at around 03:00 AM and arrested him. While the police officers were in the house, they beat him with the butts of the guns several times in front of his children, and then took him to Kafuri police station where he was interrogated about his teaching activities.

He was held without any legal reasons up to 28th Nov 2015 when he was released yet, no legal case was registered against him.

Two Pastors arrested by NISS

On 18th Dec 2015 NISS arrested the following pastors from their homes;

  1. Pastor, Kuwa Shemal Abuzumam
  2. Pastor, Abdelrahim Hassan

On the 18th Dec. 2015 at around 7:00 AM a group of national intelligence and security services (NISS) arrested Pastor Abuzumam from his house which is located in Taibat Alahamda of Khartoum North. He is the Pastor of Church of Christ in Khartoum North.

On the same day of 18th Dec, Pastor Hassan was also arrested by NISS from his house in Ombada Square 43 of Omdurman. He is the secretary general of the Sudanese Church of Crist.

Both were accused of;

  • Reporting to the international community about the situation of the Christians in Sudan.
  • Being in cooperation with international organizations in receiving funds to be used in converting some Muslims to Christianity in Darfur.
  • Criminate their attending a Christian conference in Addis Ababa.

On 26th Dec. 2015, Abuzumam was released with a condition that he should report to NISS office on daily base. Up to then Pastor Hassan is under detention while denying him family visit or accessibility to lawyer, and Abuzumam reports to NISS office on a daily basis and stays at NISS office from 09:00 AM up to night hours.


Four (4) girls subjected to torture in Omdurman

On the 7th July 2015 police force arrested four girls in Omdurman, Dar Elsalam Square (23) on charges of capital theft. The girls are students below Eighteen (18) years of age whereby two of them were working as house Maid for a certain family in Omdurman, Mhadawi over the weekend. As their usual routine, on 3rd July 2015 the two girls worked at this family house and  the following day this family lost some valuable items (jewelry), immediately they suspected the two girls, and reported the case to Mahadawi police station, under article (174 Capital thief) Sudanese criminal Act (1991). The police issued the arrest warrant for the girls and arrested them on 7th Jul 2015.

The following are the names of the arrested girls;

  • Monica Idris kori 14 year
  • Julia Idris Kori 14 year
  • Samrah Haroon Mustafa 16 years
  • Reem AbdallahAltayeb 17 years

While they were in custody, the police forced them to take off their clothes, beat them up while they were naked and insulted them. The police denied their family to visit them. After three days their legal representative (Advocate) submitted to the prosecutor a release request with guarantee and paid (1700 SD pound = $150) as guarantee for their release. After released they suffered injuries as a result of beating.

Inhuman treatment in Khartoum North

On 14th October 2015, the public order police force conducted a campaign against local alcohol sellers at the brick kilns area which is located at the suburb of Om Doum in Khartoum North. The Majority of the people living in this area and working as casual labours, are IDPs from SK and South Sudanese refugees.

This was not the first time to carry out such campaign in this area. While carrying out this operation they always arrest people, beat them and take fines from them without following court procedures.

This time the police surrounded the area from all sides a part from the riverside (Blue Nile). The police started beating people randomly using whips and gun butts while insulting them. This forced the victims to run towards the river where some drowned and others survived by swimming across as the list below indicates;

  • Names of people who drowned
  1. Eisa Ali Bakheit, male, 30 years.
  2. Salwa Ali kuku, female, 34 years.
  3. Fatima Ali Elnaw, female, 45 years.
  4. Ashoul Lowal, female, 40 years
  5. Rowaina Dawod, female infant, one year old. (Had drowned in the river).


  • Names of survivors
  • BadreldeinHamdan, male, 31 years.
  • Basheir Kamal, male, 30 years.
  • Ibrahim Ishag, Male, 30 years
  • Lushiah Peter, female, 45 years.
  • MunirahIsmaeil, female, 32 years.
  • Mohamed Alamein, male, 36years.


Shortly after the incident, relatives of the drowned people went to Om Doum police station and reported. Up to date there are two cases under investigation.


Sudanese authority demolished two churches at Omdurman

On 21st and 28th Oct. 2015 the combined troops of National intelligence and security service (NISS), Police, land registration authority and locality’s officer destroyed two churches in Althawra(square 29 and square 61) which are located in Karari locality of Omdurman town at Khartoum state, without any legal ground.

Althawra’s (square 29) Church incident: On 21st Oct. 2015 the soldiers armed with teargas accompanied with land registration authorities and Karari locality authorities came to the church on twelve (12) vehicles and two (2) bulldozers. On arrival, the soldiers surrounded the church, threw the teargas canisters to disperse the people who had gathered to protect the church. They started to destroy (pull down) the church while it was closed with its furniture and holy/ sacred items there in. Steven Adil Kajo (23 years old) who tried to object their action was arrested and later released after destroying the said church.

Althawra’s (square 61) Church incident: On 28th Oct. 2015 at (10:00 am) armed soldier from NISS and police came on six (6) vehicles with a bulldozer and destroyed Althawra’s (square 61) church. The items that were destroyed include all the church’s furniture and holy/ sacred belongings that were in.

Incident background

According to priest (James), “Althawra’s (square 29) church was established in this location since 1984 when it was an open area. Later on 1995 the land registration authority re-planned the area and they allocated the alternative land to the mosques and ignored the church yet, the church authority kept requesting. The current land of the said church is (400 m2) and their congregation is about (450 persons). The Althawra’s (square 61) church in this area was re-planned in 1999 but the church was ignored when the alternative land was distributed”.

The priest added that “the land registration authority with NISS and police tried twice in the last four days before the incident to destroy this same church (square 29). The first trial was on 17th Oct. 2015 at 10:00 AM they came on six (6) vehicles with bulldozer, but the church authority objected asking for the official order. The soldiers went back and on the same day issued and delivered official letter by 02:00 PM giving the church authorities seventy two (72) hours to evacuate. The second trial was on 20th Oct. 2015 the same soldiers came back again but the congregations/worshippers gathered inside the church and started to pray, then the soldiers confiscated some items and went away. The following day they came back and destroyed the Church”.

An eyewitness (lady by names of Hawa) said; “The destruction was carried out without care or regard to the sanctity of the church which is a violation to our constitutional rights and against the international conventions”.

As a result of the destruction, the congregations of the churches resorted to gather and pray from the open space without any shelter/facility.


  • HUDO Centre urges the government of Sudan to safeguard the rights of the IDPs and to respect their rights in receiving aid according to the international laws.
  • Urge the government to solve the issue of the demolished churches.
  • Urge on the government to ensure that the right for worship is guaranteed specially for Christians.


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