Periodic Report- April 2014

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Periodic Report- April 2014

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The intensiveness air bombardment by Government Forces on various areas in the Nuba Mountains created more displacement and suffering of people who have been denied assistances by the Government. In the other hand, the President's call for the National Dialogue, starting by his Amnesty announcement to free all detainees all over the country, happened in a discriminative manner which excluded detainees from Nuba Mountains who qualifies to be released .
The Authorities actions in the conflict areas against the civilians reflects the government intention to take the military option despite the safety of civilians or even care for them.
Security Situation:
Conflict in Nuba Mountains worsened due to bombardment by government troops in various areas west of Rashad town (13-18 April 2014)i as well as Abri in Dellami County (28 April 2014), where the Government deployed its Army backed by Popular Defense Force militias and the Quick Support Force (Janjaweed) with ground and air bombing, this resulted on displacing big groups of people from these areas whom most of them children, women and elders. Whom later never got any kind of assistance, that was due to the continuous attacks in which the government intended to destroy water resources.
Meanwhile, in the SPLA- N controlled areas, the government air forces intensified its bombardment on many areas especially Kauda area. However, the people living in the refugee camps in Upper Nile and Unity State has been affected by the conflict in South Sudan, some of them were fled back to war zones in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile where they are now suffering the air bombardmentii.
Political Development:
Upon the deadline given to both parties by the African Peace & Security Council and mediators' pressure a negotiation round between the Government and the SPLM-N was held as scheduled, indicators show there is a slight breakthrough in the talks meanwhile, the next round is due on May 15, 2014.
The President's National Dialogue never progressed at its preparatory meeting with the political parties whom agreed on it is occurrence while others rejected it until there is a conducive situation which ceasing of war to deliver assistance to affected people is one of conditions. The agreement in that meeting was to form a committee of fourteen members equally from the government and the opposition, that committee has not yet been formed while there are result-less attempts to convince those boycotting the dialogue.
The authorities suspended the activity of Merlin Organizationiii in West Darfur, while the case of the other twoiv suspended earlier still hanging.

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