Periodic Report January 2014

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Periodic Report January 2014

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In this month Sudan government become very much repressive by reinforcing all rejected Laws, for the first time it has reinforced the Armed Forces Law amended in June last year, this laws allows prosecution of civilians before military courts. It has also activated other laws of the Voluntary Work Act for the year 2006 which gives the Minister the right to do whatever suits him. Under these laws the minister suspended the activities of the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), this move band more than 1.5 million people from the service of ICRC mostly in Darfur.
Despite the crimes they committed in Darfur and their participation in the fighting in Southern Kordofan recently, the Janjaweed militias are now terrorizing civilians in Al Obeid before those who created them in Darfur and brought them to Kordofan.
Security Situation:
Sudanese authority continues air bombardment in the Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, Kauda area (SPLA control) has been aggressively bombarded during January this year.
The security situation is worsening in Kordofan Al Obeid due to the presence of the Janjaweed after being chased from battle field in Southern Kordofan. Currently they are rapping women, looting civilians’ properties and attacking people on daily bases in Al Obeid.
Political Development:
The President’s recent statement which people had been optimistically awaiting for was very disappointing; it was expected to bring new changes in Sudanese politics but was sarcasm instead.
Peace talks between Sudan Government and SPLM- N is due to resume in February with a hope of pushing the implementation of the previous agreements and opening the paths for relief to reach the war affected people in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile pending for the final and comprehensive settlement of the conflict.
Security Authorities has reactivated its repressive laws suspending ICRC effective operation that helps more than 1.5 million Sudanese (according to ICRC). The laws governing the voluntary and humanitarian work for the year 2006 which has been rejected by the Sudanese Civil Society from the beginning, contains repressive tools in its provisions e. g: (article 3- H) it gives the minister the right to design any conditions he wants to suspends any INGO he wants, this has been applied on ICRC. The government also activated the amendments of Article 6 of the Armed Force Act, which allows the trial of civilians before Military Courts (Chamchaka detainees).

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