Periodic Report July – August – 2013

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Periodic Report July – August – 2013

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Due to the rainy season fighting intensity between the conflict parties (Sudan Army Forces/SAF and Sudanese Revolution Front/SRF ) is relatively lower in many fronts in the Nuba Mountains. However, the focus of the war has been drifted to roads and transport pathways, which caused more suffering on civilians. This suffering represented by security aspect in terms of difficulties of movement and land mining add to that the road locks by rain and strict security inspection imposed by government authorities. All these factors contributed to a dramatic increase in essential goods prices. Furthermore, heavy rains and flooding affected large areas in South Kordofan, also slum areas of Khartoum, which mostly dwelled by displaced people from conflict areas.

Political Development:
On 3rd of July the national assembly approved modification in National Military Service Act, this modification allowed the ministry of defense to call upon any male citizen between 18 – 60 years old and forcing them to join the military and the fighting as well. Therefore, it appears that Khartoum government intends to continue the fighting.
West Kordofan State has been recreated and declared officially on 14th July. The governors who have been recruited for the three states of greater Kordofan region are; Ahammed Haroun himself and two from his previous genocide staff in South Kordufan as follow:
Ahammed Haroun, governor to North Kordufan (former Governor of South Kordufan)
Ahammed Khamees, governor to West Kordufan (used to deputy of governor ( Ahammed Haroun) in South Kordufan).
Adam Elfaki governor to South Kordufan (used to be commissioner of Kologi locality in South Kordofan State).
The governor of South Kordufan on his first public speech declared that: he came as a fighter person.
The creation of the new state of West Kordofan is largely objected by many Nuba arguing that more land from South Kordofan was given to West Kordufan such as Dameeki. They added that those Nuba people who had been forcibly added to the Arab majority in W. Kordofan were subjected ignorance and marginalization in sharing politically power and kept undeveloped within previous era of West Kordufan.
On 31st August Sudan People Liberation Army/North (SPLA/N) declared unilaterally ceasefire for one month as sympathizing with the rainy floats victims.
Security Situation
 Fighting is ongoing sporadically in all fronts at South Kordufan, particularly around Abu Karshola as well as governmental air bombing, resulting into more displacing.
 On 2nd of July the SRF attacked Eldoshoul, many governmental troops were killed, which resulted into closure of Kadogli Dilling road for two days.
 On 27th July the SRF forces surrounded Dilling town and closed the way to Elobeid for one day, which caused civilian no going for one day
 On 28th July a severe fighting took place between SRF and SAF south-east Lagawa town.
Due to the above mentioned fightings, the Sudanese authorities did many serious procedures as follow:
 Since July 13 many landmines have been laid by SAF in the area around Dilling town. This affected the civilians movement and access to more than twenty villages is now extremely difficultii.
 On 27th -28th Aug. SAF started to use the heavy artillery from inside Dilling town shelling the southern and western area by more than fifty missiles, this threaten the Dillings' dwells and caused more than ten abortions and bleeding cases among pregnant women, as well as frighten the children. And in targeted areas (Temein, Julud and Elnitil (Around Adelling area), it caused 17 cases of death and serious injuries among civilians.
Other security issues:
 A bomb which was a residue of battles around Abu Kershola expelled leaving nineteen children deaths and injured, as they were playing with it.
 What mentioned above increases the displacing movement within and from South Kordufan.
 In other hand the governmental air bombing still on going against SPLA/N controlled areas.

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