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Talodi (3)

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After the 6th June 2011 and a result of the SPLA attacks on some villages around Talodi town (Mandi and Angarto) the command of the government army instructed its troop to withdraw from where they are and also ordered the civilians to evacuate, some villages were totally evacuated (Al Gardod and Mafloua), some people remained in their villages which later on fall in to SPLA control (Mandi, Angarto, Kindirma, Al Salamat and Taboli) which suffered the government air bombardments, some people from these villages fled to Talodi and Om Dual village (16 kilometers east of Talodi)which had been evacuated later on. The displaced people had suffered from lack of shelter as they were denied to stay in IDPs camps, therefore they were accommodated by their relatives and other people in Talodi, they also suffered from the authorities’ oppression due to suspicious that led to detention and possibly killing of people (from areas under control of SPLA where others remained). Below are some cases:
1) Name: Elnour Ghabash Nassir
Gender: Male
Age: 65 yeas
Occupation: Farmer, Paramount chief of Angarto village, former SAF solder retired on 2007
Marital Status: Married and a father of nine sons (30 years the elder & 17 years the younger)
Date & place of detention: 2nd September2011-Talodi (shifted to Abu Jibaiha on 24thJune 2012
Date of Release: 28thJune 2012
Elnour fled to Om Dual from Angarto to be able to farm and work on the traditional gold mining (he manage to farm), he went to the Popular Defense Force(PDF)Headquarters in Talodi in responds to the government’s call for all former solders to be armed (rejection to carry arms is a crime against the government), when arrived at the PDF quarters he was detained (2nd September 2011), since then they only started to interrogate him on February (as usual it was based on his relation with the SPLA and about who remained behind in Angarto, they asked him to bring his people who are left behind in the village,
his answer was “I don’t have any authority on them” that made him to be in detention at the Army cells in Talodi in a very worse situation (mentioned on other reports, he was moved to Abu Jibaiha on 24th June 2012 where he enjoyed bathing for the first time since got detained, four days later he was released and instructed to leave South Kordofan.

2) Name: Hawit Al Kinani
Age: 70 years
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married, Father and a Grandfather
Origin: Mandi Village
Occupation: Farmer and a paramount Chief of Khalyfah/Kawahla
Detention Organ: Military Intelligence
Place of Detention: Military Intelligence’s Cells in Talodi

3) Name: Jiro Ali Kasir
Age: 73 years
Marital Status: Married (four wives with more than 25 sons and grandsons
Detention Organ: Military Intelligence
Date of Detention: 31st August 2011
Date of Death: 3rd May 2012 (in the detention)
Detention Location: Military Intelligence’s Cells
Jiro is from Mandi, he was living in Khartoum for treatment from Cardiac problems. He travelled to Talodi a little bit before the incidents, when the incidents occurred he was in Mandi then fled to Talodi, two of his sons remained in Talodi (one of them-Gamer was Mandi’s Chief). He was detained in Talodi due to accusing his sons with betrayal in a discussion that he was not happy with, while in detention he was denied access to treatment until his death.

4) Name: Mahmoud Dafallah Saloom
Age: 32 years
Occupation: Student, Final year, civil engineering faculty at Al Obyied University and a mobile photographer.
Detention Organ: Military Intelligence
Place of Detention: Military Intelligence’s cells in Talodi.
Date of Release: 4th February 2012
18 days after his detention he asked “why they detained him?” then three days later they started to interrogate him and was accused of the follows:
 A journalist and a correspondent for Ajras Al Huriya News Paper and Radio Dabanga (his answer was he has got nothing to do with both institutions)
 Owning a postpaid mobile line through which he supplies the SPLM/A with military information (his answer was I never has a postpaid line)
 His rejection to the idea of shooting a UN airplane that was in a general conversation attended by Mr. L. A (An Officer in Reserve Forces) and H. K (one of the government security agents and a blood brother to a brigadier in the national security) that was the actual reason behind his detention but not the above allegations.

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