Urgent Action Needed

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Urgent Action Needed

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On 4th of July 2013 the Ugandan police attacked apartment in Kampala
rented by Sudanese, and arrested two members of Sudanese Revolution
Front under accusation of illegal staying, since date they are jailed at Bokoto,
Kirra road police office, facing deportation to Khartoum. The two men wanted
by Khartoum government in political issues..

Details of them
1. Salah Mohammed Abduelrahman (Abuelsoura): He is a member
of the high board of SRF and chairman of Darfurian movement
named The Revolution Democratic Front (RDF), which merged with
SLA/ Abduelwahid. Since ninety he kept on and off jailing due to
his political activities, the last arrestment on 2005 with Dr. Mudawi
Ibrahim, within this arresting he operated surgical and after
released due to his health situation, immediately after he fled
Sudan and faced many challenges. Now if he deport to Sudan he
will face death sentences or jailing in a good status. He asked the
police authorities to deport him Eretria (he held Eritrean passport
2. Mohammed Ibrahim Omer (Fateera): He is a commander and
high leader in RDF. He broke down his studies at Elnilein
University in Khartoum and fled from Sudan three years ago due
to recurrent arrestment resulted by his political activities within the
university. He is carrying South Sudan refugee ID card, and he is
not willing to go back South Sudan.

HUDO strongly appealing for immediately action (the deportation mostly be
tonight) which can avoid deportation to Khartoum as follow:
· If possible to legalize their stay in Uganda.
· If it is not possible, the deportation to be for country they accept it.
Salah (Abuelsoura) prepared his ticket to Asmara/ Eretria, which
mean he needs confirming not to be Khartoum/ Sudan. And
Mohammed (Fateera) to be for country accepting him and he
accept by, not Juba/ South Sudan or Khartoum/ Sudan.

16th July 2013

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