No.: H.K/PS/21/023
Date: 26th June 2023
                                                                                           PRESS STATEMENT
                                              TRAVEL BAN WITHIN AND OUT OF BLUE NILE STATE OF SUDAN
On 18thJune 2023, authorities in Blue Nile state issued a resolution banning travel (movement) out of the state unless it is permitted by the newly formed security committee. This limits the freedom of movement, affects the public and business.
On 13th June 2023, all vehicles travelling within and out of Blue Nile were banned (not allowed) to move beyond the security checkpoints in Damazin and Roseries towns without giving reasons. On 14th June 2023, the vehicles were allowed to move. However, persons below fifty (50) years of age were not allowed to move/ travel. On 18th June 2023, a declaration signed by the governor of Blue Nile State (Ahmed Elomda) was issued stating that, a committee is formed to scrutinize the public and issue travel permits. The security committee is composed of police, General Intelligence Service (GIS) and Military Intelligence of Sudan Armed Force (MI-SAF). Since then, the rights of movement have been curtailed and peoples’ businesses have been affected. The members of the public in Blue Nile State that HUDO Centre managed to talk to suspect that, it’s a precaution from government officials to hinder the youth that may be planning to join Rapid Support Force (RSF) in Khartoum after the call made by Mac Abu Shotal. Damazin is the main town of Blue-Nile State and Roseries is the second town. Mr. Ebaid Mohammed Suliman Abu-Shotal commonly known as Mac Abu- Shotal is one of the community leaders. He was active in the tribal conflicts between Funj tribes and Hawsa tribe. He also part of the group that is opposed Mr. Malik Agar, the leader of SPLA-N (revolution front) and recently was assigned as vice president of sovereign council. Then immediately after, Abu-Shotal has joined RSF and produced many podcast videos targeting youth and SAF soldiers from Blue Nile.

HUDO Centre is very concerned about the rights of civilians especially during the ongoing military fights between SAF and RSF and calls upon;
· The government of Blue Nile State not to react in a way that affects people rights.
· The two warring parties (SAF &RSF) to immediately stop this war.

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